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August 9, 2004


Link to Preface.pdf.

Posted by Jon Lebkowsky at August 9, 2004 12:27 AM



Posted by: Vincent Geloso at August 16, 2004 6:21 PM

I'd really like a pdf of the whole book.

Why is there not one?

Posted by: Josef Davies-Coates at March 8, 2005 2:04 AM

There'll be a print edition in the very near future.

Posted by: Jon Lebkowsky at March 8, 2005 2:45 AM

On this site in "What is extreme democracy" you say: "Extreme democracy is not direct democracy, which assumes all people must be involved in every decision in order for the process to be just and democratic."
This is not a fair description of Direct Democracy (DD). DD (as I and many other promote it, see just gives everybody the opportunity to participate in all decisions, but does not
REQUIRE that everybody will participate in all the possible decissions. It is expected that only those who are especially interested in or affected by a particular issue will participate in the deliberaitons and vote on this issue. There should therefore be no minimum requirement for voter participation in referenda and other votes. In this way one could expect that e.g. on the national level several thousand quallified/interested people (most probably differenet several thousand in each vote) will participate in the vote on each issue which would be a much better situation than in the present-day representative democracy, when only several hundred members of parliament are supposed to be experts on everything, and make all the decisions themselves.
Such vision of DD is actually not much different from your idea of extreme democracy, as you describe it on the same web page:
"Rather, we assume that every debate one feels is important will be open to participation; that governance is not the realm of specialists and that activism is a critical popular element in making a just society." I would say it is practically the same as our idea of Direct Democracy.

Posted by: Mirek [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 1, 2007 3:45 PM

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