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May 19, 2005

Extreme Democracy at Personal Democracy Forum

Extreme Democracy at Personal Democracy Forum Jon L., Adam Greenfield, Britt Blaser

Along with three Extreme Democracy authors (Aldon Hynes, Adam Greenfield, and Britt Blaser), I spoke about the book on a panel at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City Monday. We had a great and enthusiastic turnout! We discussed the book's focus on political participation via smaller groups that scale up as part of larger networks that sustain their connections through the Internet. We also discussed how the book is not technoutopian, but acknowledges potential shortcomings of decentralized, emergent grassroots online networks. Blogs and social networks will can be effective in building communication and trusted connections, but we also need more focused activist organizations and initiatives, and technologies to suppor those efforts.

Posted by Jon Lebkowsky at May 19, 2005 10:00 AM


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