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June 28, 2007

An Interview with Jon Lebkowsky

The second program in the Extreme Democracy discussion series was held on June 25th. The following are some discussion questions:

It has been my experience that an innovation must be supported by more than one driving force for change in order to receive widespread acceptance. Of the six major driving forces for change (economic, societal, political, environmental, democratic, technological) what’s driving the need for extreme democracy besides technology?

Using traditional mass media measurements, average blog readership (1 to 3 readers per blog) would indicate that there is a problem with blogs. Why is this not true?

The term extreme democracy came from the concept of extreme programming. The basic idea of extreme programming is that programmers worked directly with the people who needed the program. Is the concept of crowd sourcing a metaphor for the group collaboration that is part of extreme democracy?

What is the role of citizen journalism in extreme democracy?

It seems that one of the weaknesses of the Internet is the difficulty of gathering diverse people together to have a conversation. It’s very good at fostering affinity groups. How are we going to be able to have conversations virtually with groups who do not share the same values and knowledge? Is Synanim a prototype of a tool that might be useful?

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