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June 28, 2007

Children and society

(Blogging parts of the conversation here...)

A lot of the crimes that young men and women go to prison for, others can get off because they can afford a good lawyer. "How much justice can you afford?"

What's the definition of rehabilitation? If your background doesn't afford you the kind of educational prep, or if you commit a crime, you can't go to college.

Here in Texas, we don't focus on rehabilitation, we focus on incarceration.

We have kids raising kids; there's a question of maturity.

What part is the social program's responsibility? The teacher's? The school's or the teacher's? Or the parents? Ultimately it's the parents' responsibility, but as a society our concern should be the child, and the child might not be getting adequate parenting.

It takes a village to raise a child... you can't just blame parents. It's a community issue. Kids at risk might have a better chance if the community assumes part of the responsibility. We can't just consider our own children... we should be attentive to all kids.

The Bible says that parent is the most important role in your life. If you don't want to assume that role, don't take it on. It would never cross my mind to ask you to help me take care of my children. Some made it and some don't. That's not right - I shouldn't have had 'em in the first place. When you have a baby, that's the most important individual.

If you care about children, don't oppose abortion. Help prevent unwanted pregancies.

It takes a village to raise a child, this is true, but it has to start at home... and many mamas are too young to be mamas.

Counselor from Austin Independent School District: the child is your responsibility. The village is available, but many people won't let the village touch their children... that's what I saw in the public school.

Richard: The way I train young men is to teach them what came before. The village also needs to understand that children are being raised by media now. What the boys are girls are up against: the imagery they find in media and online. Talking to a young man who is angry because a woman on an elevator was afraid of her because of something she saw on television. Instead of being angry, be personable, and the fear and hostility will give way.

Is this society built on capital? Or education? AISD has a program that begins with kindergarten kids to get financially ready for Austin.

There's another program where high school students can earn college credits. Students in the alternative schools have a similar program. We need to let parents know about this to empower them.

Posted by Jon Lebkowsky at June 28, 2007 5:27 PM


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